Fox Kits Is No-Nonsense Survival!
But we always have fun training!

Fox Kits Wilderness & Tactical Survival School is located on 57 acres at 4933 Purdy Road, Selmer, TN, 38375. Found in McNairy County, we are in southwest Tennessee, right on the Mississippi line about half-way between Nashville and Memphis.

Our Mission    

Fox Kits™ Wilderness & Tactical Survival School offers a comprehensive curriculum from military survival instructors who have tested the techniques that you will be taught in both training and real-world scenarios. We will teach you how to survive in the wilderness using modern survival equipment and improvised tools and techniques. We have a no-nonsense approach to survival that will build your confidence - yet we retain a healthy sense of humor. Courses include instruction, demonstration, and hands-on application in signal, personal protection, water procurement, food procurement, fire craft, navigation, first aid and other special categories. Fox Kits™ Wilderness Survival School – We teach confidence!

We have what you need to survive!™ Fox Kits™ makes quality wilderness survival kits for all outdoor interests and environments including recreation, outdoorsmen, emergency services, law enforcement, and our military. Our kits are designed to fulfill your needs based on your activities, environment, and your finances. Our goal is to provide you with the right tools, quality tools, so that you can face the challenge of survival with confidence.

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