Tactical Aircraft Survival Kit (TASK)™

Tactical Aircraft Survival Kit (TASK)™
Weight: Approx. 8 lbs. 2 oz. (with listed survival gear & no water)
Dimensions: 1900 cu./in.

This kit is specifically designed to supplement the Air Warrior system and is not complete without the contents of it. The Icarus™ is our retail versions of this kit.


The TASK-D is designed to help crewmen survive in a harsh tactical environment. Fox Kits, in cooperation with Aviation Life Support Officers and Tactical Operations Officers serving in our military, have designed a lightweight, compact, accessible, and portable alternative to the bulky and heavy AMSS previously found in cargo and utility helicopters. When you need all the space you have and all the performance your aircraft can give to carry troops and equipment, you want a robust survival system that won't eat into your allowable load. Too often the bulky AMSS with it's high dollar components is padlocked and stashed in a storage compartment that is not readily accessible or worse - it is removed from the aircraft to save weight. When you need survival gear - you need it now!

Benefits of This Kit:

Lightweight (less than 10 pounds without water)
(no bulky hard shell case)
Accessible (within reach of user)
Customizable (MOLLE™ system allows addition of pouches)
Logistical Ease (issue to crewman with other flight gear & avoid -17 accountability headaches and hassles with daily issue & inventory)
Portable (one man, hand-carry while deploying or evading)
Convenient (extra payload negates need for additional go-bag)
No Pyrotechnics (carry signal devices on commercial aircraft and never worry about your pyro going-off in the cockpit)
Replenishable Water Supply (100oz resevoir with purification tabs allows refill from most any source - fill and continue evading knowing you are drinking purified water)
Modular (issue one per crewman to have sufficient equipment onboard regardless of airframe or crew size changes - plus, additional modules are available for specific environments - follow images below)

Contents Include:


2-6", 12hr, Red Chemlites
2-6", 12hr, Green Chemlites
1LED Strobe / Flashlight
1-Rescue Signal Laser
50'-Paracord, Mil-C-5040
6-Croc-Lock™ Clips
1-Bag, Black Plastic 22x16x59, 3mil
1-Blanket, Survival, OD
2-Medium Warmers
2-Pkts SunSect™
1-Hydration System, 100oz / 3 liters
10-Water Purification Tablets
10-4 oz Water Packs
5'-Tubing, Superthane, 1/4x3/8x1/16
1-Oral Rehydration Salts
1-3600 Calorie Emergency Rations
3-SureLock Snares
1-Spark-Lite Fire Starter
1-Candle, 16 Hour
1-Stove, Emergency w/24 fuel tabs
3 -Waterproof Pouches, 7x10
50'-Paracord, Mil-C-5040
1-Aluminum Sheet, .004x12"x12"
1 -Waterproof Pouch, 7x10
1-Snake Bite Kit
2-WaterJel Burn Dressing, 2x6
2-PriMed Gauze
1-Thin-Cinch Dressing
1-Cravat Triangular Bandage
3-Anti-diarrheal Dose Packs

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