Trauma Aid Medical Kit

Trauma Aid Kit


Sometimes a first aid kit just isn't enough. When life is in peril you want to have what you need to stay alive. The Trauma Aid Kit is just that! Loaded with large, high absorbency bandages, burn dressings, ointments and even simple adhesive bandages this is just the thing you need when there is a serious burn, puncture or laceration. Comes packed in a rugged Drop Leg Medical Pouch. Military, law enforcement and even hunters will find this kit of great value.

Roll-over to open kit.

2 Cinch Tight™ Dressings: This is a fast and effective tool for many trauma injuries, especially those involving arterial bleeding. Modern design makes one handed application easy! Highly absorbent 8"x10" pad, S-hook and elastic wrap come compressed smaller than a soda can in a sterile package.
2 priMED Gauze: Quality 6 ply 4.5" by 4.1 yard stretch sterile cotton gauze. Individually vacuum packed to save space. When used with the Cinch Tight™ Dressing it is the perfect tool to stem serious blood flow.
2 Tourni-Kwik™: Two inch wide strong elastic band with sturdy steel hooks at each end. For severe arterial bleeding of extremities or amputations this could mean the difference between life and death. Easy one-handed application permits self-application even in the worst of situations.
2 QuikClot™: Advanced clotting guaze to stop bleeding. 2 Water-Jel® Burn Dressings: A must have! Sterile 2"x6" burn dressing soaked in a water-based, water-soluble gel that relieves the pain, cools the burn and protects from contamination.
Bandages, Ointments and more: 6-Iodine Prep Pads, 6-Alcohol Prep Pads, 5-3/4"x3" Adhesive Bandages, 5-1"x3" Adhesive Bandages, 5-Butterfly Bandages, 3-2"x4.5" Flex Bandages, 2-Knuckle Bandages, 1-Eye Patch, 4-2"x3" Non-Stick Pads, 10-Unit Dose Pkts of Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 5-Unit Dose Pkts Burn Ointment, 1-Emergency Foil Blanket, 5-Safety Pins, 1-Roll 1/2" Medical Tape, 1-Miracle Point® Tweezers, 1-EMT Scissors, 2-Pairs of Exam Gloves.
Drop Leg Pouch: This pouch is strong and durable. Practical design gives ready access to all your emergency medical equipment without removing the kit and without spills.

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