Small Unit Tactical Survival Course (T201)

4 Days - $480
6-9 OCT 2017

Fox Kits' Small Unit Tactical Survival Course is one of several exciting tactics courses offered at our facility in Tennessee. Students cover all of the core points for camouflage, concealment, hide sites, hole-up sites, evasion planning, evasion psychology, movement techniques, and recovery. Skills are put into practice as new information is covered to help reinforce and solidify the material. This is a combination of our Camouflage and Concealment Course and our Evasion Movement Course offered at a substantial savings.

Topics Covered:
Defining Camouflage
Defining Concealment
Types of Observation
Factors of Recognition
Principles of Camouflage
Methods of Camouflage
Camouflage Materials
Considerations of Camouflage
Clothing and Equipment
Camouflaging Odor
Noise Discipline
Light Discipline
"Litter" Discipline
Defining Hide Sites and Hole-up Sites
Site Selection
Site Occupation
Hide Site Activities
Hole-up Site Activities
Site Departure
Defining Evasion vs. Escapee
Types of Evasion
Categories of Evasion
Phases of Evasion
Evasion Planning
Isolation Preparation (ISOPREP)
Assessment of Situation (in situ)
Evasion Psychology
Route Selection
Evasion Movement Techniques
Urban Operations
Danger Areas
Border Crossings
Recovery Operations
Assisted Recovery
Evasion Plan of Action (EPA)

Once a strong base has been laid the class heads to the forest and fields. Each student will have the opportunity to search for their peers and to develop their camouflage, concealment, and evasion skills as the class searches for them. Each practical exercise is concluded with a constructive and honest after-action review where all get an opportunity to comment on areas for improvement and areas of excellence. Have you ever wondered if you could hide yourself well enough to have someone walk right up to you and not know you are there? Well, come to Fox Hollow and find out!

Four full days of intense professional training

Lunch & Continental Breakfast

Handsome course completion certificate

Fox Kits Wilderness Survival School T-shirt

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