Wilderness Land Navigation (N101)

4 Days - $480

Map & Compass skills are the core of wilderness navigation. Technology may be used to verify location and other navigation data but should not be relied upon wholly. We teach military land navigation which includes using grid systems and plotting waypoints and course lines; this is much more advanced and involved than orienteering, which is using the map mostly for terrrain association (orienteering is essentially a subset of land navigation.) This skill set is critical to everyone who ventures into the wilderness or even the "occupied outdoors." Why? Because medical injury and becoming lost are two of the most common ways individuals find themselves in a survival situation. This course also includes the use of electronic devices to verify map and compass work. Come to Fox Kits Wilderness & Tactical Survival School's Wilderness Land Navigation Course. Stay found!

Topics Covered:
Navigational Terminology
Intro to Metric System
True, Magnetic, and Grid North
Compass Types, Parts & Use
Reading Topographical Maps
Orienting the Map
Terrain Features
UTM & MGRS Grid Systems
Plotting Points and Courses
Adjusting for Magnetic Variation (Declination)
Selecting Routes
By-passing Obstacles
Pacing Distance
Triangulation (Resection)
Plotting a Distant Point (Section)
Improvised Navigation Techniques
The Global Positioning System of Satellites
Accuracy and Reliability of GPS
GPS Setup
Map Datum
Grid Systems
Scales and Units of Measure
Plotting Points and Courses
Magnetic Variation (Declination)
Creating Routes
Saving Tracks
Marking Rally Points for Later Use
Smartphone Applications
Download and Setup
Accuracy and Reliability of Apps
Practical Basic and Intermediate Exercises
Practical Basic and Intermediate Exercises

Four full days of intense professional training

Orienteering Compass, Protractor, and Pace Count Beads

FREE Lunch & Continental Breakfast

Handsome course completion certificate

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