Wilderness Survival (S101)

4 Days - $480

Wilderness Survival (S101) is our flagship offering. Have you ever wondered how much of the material on "reality TV" is on the up-and-up? Well, check out our YouTube Channel playlist "No Nonsense Survival" to find out; then come train with us and we will teach you how to survive in the wilderness. Fox Kits Wilderness & Tactical Survival School - We Teach Confidence!™

Topics Covered:
Elements & Priorities of Survival
Survival Psychology
Survival Planning
Tools & Equipment
Climates & Weather
Knots & Lashings
Improvised Tools
Fire Craft
Shelter & Personal Protection from the Elements
Water Procurement, Filtering & Purification
Insects for Food
Traps & Snares
Dressing Game
Emergency Signaling
Practical Exercises for each hands-on skill
Culminates with a two-day, two-night Survival Exercise!

Four full days of intense professional training

Quality course textbook

FREE Lunch & Continental Breakfast

Handsome course completion certificate

Fox Kits Wilderness Survival School T-shirt

Be one of the first eight to enroll in this class and get a FREE Cabin Camping Upgrade!

All bonuses and offers are contingent upon complete payment and attendance of the course. While Fox Kits will make every effort to contact you one month prior to the course start date to confirm your attendance we will automatically charge your card for the balance of the tuition fee two weeks prior to the first day of class. If rescheduling becomes necessary we will be happy to work with you; all payments will be applied to future training. It is your responsibility to confirm or reschedule! Requests for rescheduling must be received no later than two weeks prior to course start date at which time services are considered to have been rendered and your seat is confirmed (we can't fill vacated seats on that short a notice.) In such cases your seat is transferrable if you can find someone to attend in your place so long as they qualify for attendance.

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