Wilderness Survival Training

Family Class Special

1-4 JUN 2018 (FRI-MON) Wilderness Survival
1-2 JUN 2018 (FRI-SUN) Survival Basics

5 JUN 2018 (TUE) Foraging Edible Plants

10-11 AUG 2018 Hot Weather SURVIVEX

31 AUG - 3 SEP 2018 (FRI-MON) Wilderness Survival
31 AUG- 2 SEP 2018 (FRI-SUN) Survival Basics

4 SEP 2018 (TUE) Foraging Edible Plants

1-2 FEB 2019 (FRI-SAT) Cold Weather SURVIVEX

Land Navigation Training

30-31 MAR 2018 (FRI-SAT) Map & Compass

4-7 APR 2018 (WED-SAT) Wilderness Land Navigation
4-5 APR 2018 (WED-THU) Map & Compass
6 APR 2018 (FRI) Night NAVEX
7 APR 2018 (SAT) Electronic Navigation

9-12 NOV 2018 (FRI-MON) Wilderness Land Navigation
9-10 NOV 2018 (FRI-SAT) Map & Compass
11 NOV 2018 (SUN) Night NAVEX
12 NOV 2018 (MON) Electronic Navigation

Tactical Training

2-3 MAR 2018 (FRI-SAT) Camouflage & Concealment

7-10 MAR 2018 (WED-SAT) Tactical Survival Basics
7-8 MAR 2018 (WED-THU) Camouflage & Concealment
9-10 MAR 2018 (FRI-SAT) Evasion Movement

4-5 MAY 2018 (FRI-SAT) Unit Movement

9-12 MAY 2018 (WED-SAT) Small Unit Tactical
9-10 MAY 2018 (WED-THU) Unit Movement
11-12 MAY 2018 (FRI-SAT) Recon & Surveillance

Wilderness & Tactical Medical Training

Details on all medical courses to follow:
Herbal workshops to feature 2-4 herbs native to SE United States but grow elsewhere. Includes hands-on practicals.

30 JUN 2018 (SAT) Herbal Medicine Workshop - Gastrointestinal Illnesses

14 JUL 2018 (SAT) Herbal Medicine Workshop - Open Wounds

28 JUL 2018 (SAT) Herbal Medicine Workshop - Inflammation

13 OCT 2018 (SAT) Tactical Medical Care

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